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                                                                          【題目】A General Equilibrium Model of Technology Choice 
                                                                          【摘要】The aim of this paper is to find the rationale for the choice of technologies in a closed economy. We set up an Arrow-Debrew type general equilibrium model with a continuum of sectors and give a closed form solution for the equilibrium, based on which we analyze the changes of factor prices and pattern of capital flow from one sector to another and the change of economic structure, along with the change of factor endowments. The spirit of this model follows the "appropriate technology" tradition, which goes back even to half a century ago, saying that "the choice of technology is essentially determined by the factor endowments", or equivalently, "choice of technology should be adapted to the factor endowments". One sector version of this model is introduced by Caselli et al (AER 2006). But we can not study the economic structure change by one sector model. In this sense, our result is an extension of their work. Our model coincides well with some stylized facts. One of the  implications of our model is that along with the increasing of capital per capita, the economy will experience a process of technology upgrading from labor intensive technologies to capital intensive ones.   
                                                                          【時間】 2018年9月18日(週二) 14:00-15:30
                                                                          【地點】 UC彩票305會議室
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