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                  2017 PKU Summer Conference on Macro and Monetary Economics


                  Call for Participants:

                  PKU Summer Conference on Macro and Monetary Economics 

                  School of Economics at Peking University

                              Beijing, China           

                  June 19-20, 2017


                  The School of Economics at Peking University (SEPKU) invites participation in an international conference on macro and monetary economics. The conference, to be held on June 19-20, 2017 on the main campus of Peking University, aims to provide a high-standard platform for the interaction of distinguished macroeconomic theorists from China and abroad.


                  Twelve papers are scheduled to be presented in this 2-day conference, which reflect cutting-edge research in the fields of Macro and Monetary Economics. Conference participants will have the opportunity to interact with the following distinguished speakers from the United States, Australia and China:

                  Ø  Prof. Randall Wright from UW-Madison,

                  Ø  Prof. Shouyong Shi from Penn State University,

                  Ø  Prof. Yi Wen from St Louis Fed,

                  Ø  Prof. Tao Zhu from HKUST,

                  Ø  Prof. Chao Gu from University of Missouri,

                  Ø  Prof. Benoit Julien from UNSW Australia,

                  Ø  Prof. Pedro Gomis-Porqueras from Deakin University,

                  Ø  Prof. Feng Dong from Shanghai Jiaotong Unviersity,

                  Ø  Prof. Chao He from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,

                  Ø  Prof. Han Han from Peking University


                  Given the limited number of seats available, please RSVP no later than May 19th, 2017. To register, please send an email to: sepku_conference@163.com with the subject title “Registration - Macroeconomics”, and provide the following information in the body of your email message: participant’s name, institution, email address, phone number, meal reservation for June 19 and 20. If you need to apply for a visa to enter China, please register before April 1st so we can send you the visa support materials in time. Please note that email registration is required for all participants.


                  The conference does not charge registration fee, nor does it provide travel subsidies to participants. All participants are expected to cover their own lodging and transportation for the conference.


                  Questions about the conference should be directed to Prof. Xuezheng Qin at

                  xqin@pku.edu.cn or Prof. Han Han at hhan26@pku.edu.cn

                  Copyright Peking University Tel(F) : 86-10-62751462 Email: weiweilin@pku.edu.cn