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                  Initiative for Policy Dialogue`s China Task Force 2009

                  Initiative for Policy Dialogue`s China Task Force 2009


                  Theme: Financial Supervision and Regulation after the Financial Crisis

                  ─Focus on the Chinese Model in the context of Global Harmony Mechanism



                         Professor Stiglitz, Professor Mirrlees, Professor Kennedy and all over-seas experts, faculties and esteemed guests;


                         Director Xu Lin, Director Lu Mai, Director Yu Yongding, Professor Cui Zhiyuan, Chairman Teng Chong, and all domestic
                  leaders, experts, scholars, business leaders and participants;


                  Mr. Fu Jun, Vice Dean, Peking University School of Government, Mr. Yao Yang, director, China Center for Economic Research of Peking University, and experts, professors, teachers and students from different departments and schools of Peking University;


                  Mr. Liu Wei, Dean of School of Economics of Peking University , Ms. Sun Qixiang, Dean. School of Economics, and other leaders of the School of Economics , teachers and students, and organizer of this conference Professor Cao Heping and his students;
                  Good morning! Allow me on behalf of Peking University to express my sincere appreciations for all of you who contributed to this important international conference! A warm welcome to you!


                  Peking University was founded in 1898, as China `s first national comprehensive university, Peking University has played an important pioneering role in China `s modernization process. The patriotism, progress, democracy, scientific traditions and the diligent, rigorous, realistic and innovative style of study will carry on endlessly from generation to generation in Peking University .


                  Peking University currently has 62 school and department level teaching units, more than 200 school and department level research units and scientific research institutes and centers. Into the 21st century, Peking University has entered a new historical stage of development. Today, Peking University has become a national cradle for high-quality and creative talents, an important base for cutting-edge scientific research and knowledge innovation and an important bridge and window for international exchanges.


                  `Policy Dialogue (IPD)` was initiated and established by the Nobel laureate in economics Joseph E. Stiglitz of Columbia University in July 2000. Its positive influence in helping developing countries on policy options and economic decision-making, is a result of joint efforts  of nearly 200 top economists, political scientists, political and economic decision-makers and representatives of civil society from developed and developing countries,.


                  2009 IPD `Plan of Special Operation in China` annual meeting at Columbia University (including policy dialogue planning organization, Committee on Global Thought, East Asia Center, and Law School), Peking University, Tsinghua University, Development Research Forum, and University of Manchester, Brooks World Poverty Institute, of the global organization of joint action initiated by a major international conferences. As a conference host side, Peking University , will perform the duty of the host, and also hope IPD Organization`s policy dialogue will achieve larger flowering Results in the future internationally. Finally, I wish the meeting a complete success.

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