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                                                                          Academics and Research
                                                                          Academic Programs
                                                                          >Home> Academic Programs
                                                                          Undergraduate Programs

                                                                                The undergraduate degree programs provide training in the principles of economics and their application to a range of problems, including government economic policy. Based around a core of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics, the programs offer a wide selection of optional courses reflecting the diverse research interests and expertise of a large faculty body.

                                                                                The SEPKU currently offers 6 undergraduate programs: Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Insurance and Risk Management, Public Finance, and the Environmental, Resource, and Development Economics

                                                                          Master Programs       The master programs offered by the SEPKU include 4 professional master degrees – Finance, Insurance, Tax and International Business and 7 research master degrees – Political Economics, Western Economics, Economic History, History of Economic Thoughts in China, History of Economic Thoughts in Foreign Countries, World Economy, and the Population, Resource and Environmental Economics. 

                                                                                 These match the expertise of the members of each department, who offer high level modules reflecting the cutting edge of research. The professional master degree programs provide students with an excellent preparation for a career in the financial, insurance and other related industries, while the research master programs prepare students with the analytical skills to pursue a higher academic degree in economics or to enter a research oriented career in industries or governments. Our master degree students have previously studied in the best universities in China and around the world. Some arrive directly from academic institutions, while others come from banks, government agencies and the commercial sector.

                                                                          Doctoral Programs

                                                                                Our doctoral programs offer trainings in 8 concentrations: Political Economics, Western Economics, Finance (including the International Finance track and the Insurance track), Economic History, History of Economic Thoughts, World Economy, Public Finance, and the Population, Resource and Environmental Economics.

                                                                                The doctoral study comprises course work (including core courses in advanced economic and field courses), comprehensive examinations, and a dissertation. Our goals are to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of the core areas in economics as well as that of their chosen fields, and to provide supportive guidance to help them apply that knowledge in substantial and original research projects. Graduates are expected to have acquired autonomy in conducting research and be well-prepared for academic careers and research positions in governments and private corporations.

                                                                          International Exchange Programs

                                                                                SEPKU develops and sustains a range of international partnerships, networks, research and teaching relationships and student/staff exchange links with institutions of academic excellence around the world. We offer student exchange programs and summer school program to students around the world. Our undergraduate and graduate students also frequently go overseas to participate in conferences, summer school courses, and long-term exchanges.

                                                                                We have established cooperation and exchange programs with the following universities and the list is still expanding:

                                                                          • University of Pennsylvania

                                                                          • University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

                                                                          • University of California at Berkeley

                                                                          • University of Virginia

                                                                          • National University of Singapore

                                                                          • University of Amsterdam

                                                                          • University of Toronto

                                                                          • University of Melbourne

                                                                          • University of Queensland

                                                                          • University of Fort Steele

                                                                          • Lund University

                                                                          • University of Hong Kong

                                                                          • Chinese University of Hong Kong

                                                                          • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

                                                                          • Hong Kong Polytechnic University

                                                                          • National Chengchi University in Taiwan

                                                                          Copyright Peking University Tel(F) : 86-10-62751462 Email: weiweilin@pku.edu.cn