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                                                          About Us
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                                                          Quick facts about SEPKU

                                                          • Over 100 years` history: School of Economics, Peking University was established in 1985. Its predecessor, Department of Economics, was established in 1912.

                                                          • 6 Undergraduate Programs: Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Insurance and Risk Management, Public Finance, Development Economics.

                                                          • 4 Professional Master Programs: Finance, Insurance, Tax, International Business.

                                                          • 7 Research Master Programs: Political Economics, Western Economics, Economic History, History of Economic Thoughts in China, History of Economic Thoughts in Foreign Countries, World Economy, the Population, Resource and Environmental Economics.

                                                          • 8 Doctoral Programs: Political Economics, Western Economics, Finance (International Finance, Insurance), Economic History, History of Economic Thoughts, World Economy, Public Finance, the Population, Resource and Environmental Economics.

                                                          • 75 full-time faculty members: including 31 professors, 36 associate professors, and 8 assistant professors; one third of the faculty received their PhD overseas, and those who received domestic PhD also have intensive international academic experience.

                                                          • 1200 full-time students: including approximately 750 undergraduate students, 300 master students, and 150 doctoral students.

                                                          • 6 Academic Departments: Department of Economics, Department of Finance, Department of International Economics and Trade, Department of Insurance and Risk Management, Department of Public Finance, Department of Development Economics.

                                                          • 15 Research Institutes: Economic Research Institute, Institute of International Economic Research, Research Center for Foreign Economic Thoughts (RCFET), Research Center for Market Economy, China Center for Financial Research, China Credit Research Center (CCRC), China Center for National Accounting and Economic Growth, Center for China Insurance and Social Security Research (CCISSR), Institute of Project Management Research, Metropolitan Economic Research Institute of China, Research Institute of Industry and Culture, Research Center of Financial and Industrial Development, The Center for Human and Economic Development Studies, Peking University (CHEDS), China Center for Public Finance (CCPF), Center for National Resource Economic Studies (CNRES)

                                                          Copyright Peking University Tel(F) : 86-10-62751462 Email: weiweilin@pku.edu.cn