This SUCKS big time, right?…

“He came. He saw. And then he came again.”

It sounds funny at first, but this quote also perfectly sums up what some of us guys have to deal with in the bedroom.

The ultimate embarrassment in bed?

You bet.

Anyone who suffers from coming too fast during sex will know it all too well.

The humiliation… the anxiety… the despair of not being able to satisfy a woman.

And for some guys, just the sight of a woman’s naked body could make us lose control.

And maybe foreplay quickly leads to end of play?

(Here’s how you can quickly regain control)

This is exactly what happened to a reader who wrote in recently:

“It’s so bad that I cannot even get it in without blowing my load. Every time I’m with her and we’re getting hot and heavy, I end up coming in my pants 90% of the time. It’s so horribly embarrassing.”

In my 10+ years of helping guys with their bedroom problems, I’ve seen a LOT of cases like this.

I’ve seen guys who are so low on their sexual confidence that they were even afraid of initiating sex.

… all because of their deep-seated fear of coming too soon and disappointing their wives or lovers.

It leaves them filled with guilt, anxiety or even depressed and in the fetal position, sobbing and sucking their thumbs.

But you know what?

Many guys who suffer from coming too fast have done a complete turnaround.

There are many ways to overcome, reverse and “cure” this very common male sexual problem…

And many of the BEST tips and techniques can be learned easily from home…

… that require no pills, creams or magic potions, or an embarrassing visit to the doctor.

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester